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Any advice for dating Thai girls?


I do have some questions  as what is the best way to date Thai girls.

Can I trust my Thai wife or Thai girlfriend?

If I do marry a Thai girl,  she must come from a good family?

Somebody got any experience on this?

I’m a bit afraid and I would like to know more about Thai girls.

I’ve heard lots of things and read many articles about Thai girls and some of them say that most Thai girls are looking for a Farang with money.

Is this true?

Thanks in advance

Tip: Most Thai girls are hard workers and pretty good girls and won’t rip you off. In order to find a good Thai girlfriend avoid night clubs and especially bars and karaokes. Usually the average Thai girl choose go to a restaurant with music or have a dinner out but does not visit clubs alone, perhaps with a friends group. Avoid meet girls on clubs and bars, they are there for money.

Online dating is also risky. If you have received a blind-date proposal on a chat site, most Thai girls don’t meet a guy, especially a foreigner easily. If a girl gives you her phone number quickly you should worry. Decent Thai girls are not easy girls.

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  1. What kind of girl you want to date? A high society lady, a middle class girl, a bar girl, a divorced woman, a young girl? Are you a guy, a old man?

    Here is my advice:

    1. Avoid Thai brides/dating websites, most of the girls have fake profiles. You can become the next victim of marriage scam. Some online dating services could left you broke.

    2. Avoid bar girls, coyote dancers, go-go’s, red light districts etc. Some bar girls have boyfriends all over the world sending them thousands of baht. A bar girl usually always have a Thai boyfriend/husband.

    3. Your partner should be over 30. Most young Thai girls are “ting tong” (crazy) and they will go with you just for fun or to get a few gifts and travel for free.

    4. Good Thai girls never ask for money.

    5. Girls from Bangkok are often well educated and financially stable. Girls from Isaan (northeast) are also educated but financially unstable.

    6. Thai women perceive western men as more faithful than Thai men.

    7. Thai girls are not so different from other cultures around the world.

    8. It’s normal to have both good and not good girls in every country.

    9. From my experience most Thai girls are good girls.

    Good luck !!

  2. Well I was lucky enough to meet the most amazing and beautiful girl a man could ever hope for…and just my luck we live a million miles apart so that really sux !!! All I can hope and pray for is that we can make it work and spend time sharing each other’s country…anyway love and Buddha will find a way for it 🙏

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