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Two US Visas For Thais – Not Allowed

Approved US tourist visa Thailand applicants from Thailand face visa cancellation possibilities should they lodge a K1 visa application long before their previous travel permission expires. The cancellation occurs as soon as the embassy receives another application, not after the K1 visa is issued.

One visa at a time

The US immigration laws readily prohibit foreign visitors from holding two visas at the same time. Visas, in general are issued for specific purposes. But this does not mean that a variety of US visas can be obtained in order to satisfy one’s travel needs. Consular officers and immigration authorities also need to control the number of visitors entering their country, which, if left ignored, may lead to more serious concerns such as overstaying and other well-known criminal activities.

The immigrant intent

The immigrant intent is one of the major obstacles that applicants have to go through to obtain a US tourist visa Thailand. One may say that this no longer applies for those who were approved. Indeed, it is true. However, if an immigrant petition is applied right after the approval, the intent resurfaces. Suspicion and doubts regarding the true purpose of entering the US as a visitor will enter into the whole picture. For one, the visa holder can simply wait for the approval of their petition while they are inside the country. They have all the reasons to stay there for good even if their visa prohibits them from doing so.

The disadvantage

A glaring evident of applying for K1 visa Thailand while a US tourist visa is still valid stems from the fact that it subjects the Thai partner from acquiring high denial risks for the petition. They provide enough reason for consular officers to believe that they are trying to evade the necessary immigration procedures, unless they voluntarily cancelled their tourist visa.
Such move is also very impractical. If there is the desire to settle or remain permanently in the United States, why apply for a tourist visa in the first place? The money spent for paying the tourist visa fee plus the effort exerted in gathering all the necessary requirements could have been spent for the petition, which, if approved, provides more benefits and advantages to its holders.

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