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The Effects of Marriage Registration in Thailand

Registering one’s marriage in Thailand makes the marriage subject to Thai laws. From the moment of the marriage’s registration, the Thai Civil and Commercial Code provisions on Family Law can be deemed as governing the marriage.

Thai laws on marital obligations, property sharing and administration, and even child custody applies to the parties whose marriage is registered in Thailand.

As the Thailand marriage registration is covered by Thai law, its dissolution can likewise be covered by Thai laws. One important consequence of having registered your marriage in Thailand is that you may avail of uncontested divorce in case the marriage goes wary. Uncontested or Administrative divorce is what may be the equivalent of Mutual Consent Divorce in other states. This form of divorce is available only to couples who registered their marriage in Thailand. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Uncontested divorce is the preferred form of divorce in Thailand because it is very straightforward and cost-efficient. No ground for divorce needs to be proved by the parties. All that is needed is the parties’ mutual decision to end their marital union.

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