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Chumphon in Southern Thailand

Chumphon, the gateway to the south and the islands

Chumphon is a sea coast city parallel to the Gulf of Thailand. It is the gateway to other southern provinces. Along more than 200 kilometers of Chumphon’s seashore, there are many beautiful and picturesque beaches. Still maintaining the natural beauty, the province is best for those who seek relaxation in the natural and uniquely quiet atmosphere.

Historical documents state that Chumphon was continuously the locations of many communities since the pre-historic period, especially in the area near Tha Taphao River banks. Chumphon was also one of the leading trading centers of Siam (former name of Thailand).

Due to being the frontier city, the name Chumphon is believed to derive from Chumnumphon, which means the accumulation of forces. Whenever there were movements from the army, the soldiers would gather their forces here at this province.

The other source believed that it should be derived from a local plant named Maduea Chumphon due to its richness in this area. Therefore, naturally, this plant has become a symbol of the logo of Chumphon Province.


  • North: Amphur Bang Saphan Noi of Prachuap Khiri Khan;
  • South: Amphur Tha Chana of Surat Thani;
  • East: Gulf of Thailand;
  • West: Ranong and Andaman Sea.

Chumphon is administratively divided into 8 Amphoe: Mueang Chumphon, Lang Suan, Sawi, Tha Sae, Lamae, Phato, Pathio, and Thung Tako.

Chumphon is plenty of natural resources for tourism

Chumphon Province is located in the most upper part of Southern Thailand. It is known as the gateway to the southern border towns. Chumphon has been able to maintain plenty of natural resources for tourism which have been untouched by the tourists and unspoiled by the time. Chumphon is an elongated province with 220 kilometers (137 mi) of coastline offering many fine-sand beaches and attractive offshore islands. There are plenty of opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, yachting, paragliding, diving and snorkeling.

How to get Chumphon

The public bus service operates just north of the center of town. However many find themselves taking the train, located to the west.

Various ferry companies operate ferries to, or within reach of Chumphon, and/or a bus service into the center of town. For those who are located in the gulf islands, Chumphon maybe more suitable to transit if you are going to Bangkok as opposed to returning back down to Surat Thani.

By car

From Bangkok, take either Phutthamonthon-Nakhon Pathom-Phetchaburi route or Thonburi-Pak Tho route (Highway 35) then turn onto Highway 4 (Phetkasem) at Amphoe Pak Tho passing through Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan Provinces before arriving at Pathom Phon Intersection. Take the left turn to go into Mueang Chumphon by Highway 4001 for another 8 kilometers.

By train

The State Railway of Thailand provides daily rapid and express train services departing from Bangkok’s Hualamphong Railway Station. Further information, please call Tel. 1690, 0 2220 4334, 0 2220 4444 or Chumphon Railway Station at Tel 0 7751 1103. For the Thonburi Railway Station (Bangkok Noi), there are ordinary and rapid trains leaving for Chumphon daily. Further information, please call tel 0 2411 3102, 0 2621 8701 Ext. 8285106 or www.railway.co.th

By bus

The Transport Co.Ltd. provides air conditioned buses from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal, Borom Ratchonni road to Chumphon daily. For detailed information please call Tel. 0 2435 5605, 0 2435 1199. For Chumphon’s Bus Terminal, Tha Taphao Road, please contact Tel. 0 7750 2725, 0 7751 1099 or at www.transport.co.th

Air-Conditioned buses from private sectors provided are:

  1. Chok Anant Tour Co.,Ltd. Tel. 0 2435 5027, 0 2435 7429 (Bangkok), and Tel. 0 7751 1480, 0 7751 1757 (Chumphon)
  2. Suwannathi Tour Co.,Ltd. Tel. 0 2435 5021, 02435 5026, 0 2435 5030 (Bangkok), and Tel. 0 7751 1422, 0 7750 1535, 0 7751 1244 (Chumphon).

Map of Chumphon

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