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Sawasdee Ka – Thailand guide and travel tips

Sawasdee Ka! mean “Hello” in Thai. Sawasdee Ka (สวัสดี ค่ะ) is the polite way to say “Hello” for females.

SawasdeeKa.net contains useful information for those wishing to travel to or learn more about Thailand, including facts, maps, history, culture, transport, weather, destinations, travel guide, activities, night life, airports, and Thai Lifestyle.
Find popular places to visit in Thailand.

The initial idea was to build a small website with travel tips and a small guide about the Land of Smiles. This is not a website for experienced travelers and expats but for people who will travel for first time to Thailand.

Sawasdee Ka has a bunch of articles related to the main tourist destinations in the country as well as valuable information about the airports, taxis, trains and transportation in Thailand plus mobile operators, banks, shopping malls, healtcare etc. The site also features Do’s and Dont’s, and info related to the Thai culture: marriage, dowry and more.

Sawasdee Ka is a resource for people willing to travel to Thailand for first time.

Do you have any questions about Thailand? Here you will find questions and answers about Thailand.

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